Chiltern Society PhotoGroup

There is no playing in the road in 2005. The earlier Crown pub and adjoining butcher's shop are now combined into Zino's Restaurant & Bar. The old gates for the drive to Stratton Chase, seen in the 1918 photograph, are long gone.
Author: J Harrison,

Looking down the street in about 1918, the butcher's shop adjoining The Crown (on the left hand side) has both a substantial porch and heavy sunblinds to protect the display in its wide open shop window. Beyond the shop and the side turning, and opposite the playing children, are the ornate wrought-iron gates of Stratton Chase - a grand house that was destroyed by fire in 1921.
Author: Photo provided by Colin Seabright (Images of England Chalfont St Giles. ISBN 0 7524 2463 7),